We proudly celebrate our 100th century in 2019.


Founded in Bedfordview

Bedfordview Primary School opened in 1919 and was called Geldenhuis Government School. The school was housed in a small building opposite the present Bedfordview police station.

The first principal’s name was Mr HC Borchards. He opened the school with a staff of two. One of the teachers at the time came to school in a horse-drawn cart.



In 1920’s, the school had an enrolment of 72 learners.  School began at 8:30 am in the summer and 9:00 am in the winter. The schools population gradually increased to approximately 100 children. Plans were in place to move into new premises.


Naming of the school

In 1925 a competition was held to find a better name for the school. A twelve years old girl, Bobby Butifoer, won the prize of £200 with her entry of “Bedford View” as she thought that there was a nice view from Bedford.


The Move

On 17 January 1929, the school moved into its new buildings. These are the premises that currently house the Bedfordview Police Station. At the official opening on 25 January, the children were given a party and entertained by a punch and Judy Show. At this stage the school’s name was changed to the Bedfordview Government School.



1938 two tennis courts were built in the school grounds. They were built by staff members with the help of the learners. The school library was also built and by the end of the year they had a total of eight hundred books available.



In 1943 Mr A S Nel succeeded Mr Vorster as principal. Mr Nel introduced the school badge and motto. The badge consisted of a torch with oak leaves and a protea. The torch represented civilization, the oak leaves represented the English speaking South Africans and the protea represented the Afrikaans speakers. The motto “Excelsior” meant striving to improve / striving for excellence.

In the same year the swimming pool was also completed.

1947 to 2014


In July 1947 Mr B Stewart was appointed principal. By this time the school was a parallel medium school with 4 teachers. Under Bill Stewart, the school went from strength to strength. Mr Stewart guided many developments at the school the most noteworthy being the laying of the foundation stone at the present school building on 3 May 1963.

After Mr Stewart retired in 1976; Mr O Rademeyer, Mrs M Brown ( Acting ), Mr B Flynn, Miss P Ware and Mrs S Kingley held positions as principal until Mr G Bryant became principal in 2014.